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This Girls Cross Country Camp is led by the Ankeny Centennial Cross Country Coaching Staff.
The 8th Grade Camp is Open to ANY and ALL Students Enrolled at Northview MS.
The 9th-12th Grade Camp is Open to ANY and ALL Students Enrolled in Ankeny Centennial HS.


ACHS girls cross country offers a summer long training camp for Jaguar girls entering grades 7-12. The Centennial staff will utilize several running workouts as well as teach the purpose each has within our training program. The staff will also incorporate a strength and mobility program to assist in injury prevention and to improve flexibility. Truly get a leg up on the competition!

Coach Cogdill makes an effort to get to know each runner. That feedback allows for each runner to have a training plan that is adjusted to their history, ability, interest, fatigue, age, and readiness demonstrated in prior weeks. Workouts will utilize a GPS watch, which Coach Cogdill can supply as needed. The watch provides important feedback on time, distance, and pace.

Each running route is pre-planned for safety and water will be provided along the route. Treats and team-building activities will occur often to keep training fun and to create a community of runners. There will be occasional destination runs to locations or nature trails that offer terrains and surfaces not available near the school. 

The camp will offer multiple morning, evening, and weekend training sessions per week to allow most everyone’s schedule to fit. Sessions primarily meet at Centennial HS or Northview MS. Experienced runners should aim to attend 6+ sessions weekly. New or less experienced runners should aim to attend 3-5 sessions each week. No one is turned away due to inability to attend frequently.

The first session is Monday, June 8th @ ACHS (door E40) at 7:30PM. Campers attending at least 20 sessions will receive a Jaguar XC camp shirt. Campers attending 40+ sessions will receive a camp shirt + a bonus item to be determined by athletes. Roughly 70 total sessions available. Full calendar will be e-mailed and handed out to those who sign-up as well as posted online.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one change must occur - no water will be provided on running routes.  Additionally, the following changes may need implemented.  1 - The camp may meet at local parks instead of the ACHS parking lot.  2 - Camp sessions may have staggered start and end times (by ability) to accommodate for smaller group sizes (<10 for example).  3 - And, at a last resort, camp instruction may be delivered virtually via e-mail and video-conferencing until given clearance for face-to-face training.  As described above, a full calendar of meeting times and locations will be updated throughout the summer and provided to registered families.

LOCATION: Ankeny Centennial High School (Door E40)

NOTE: Experienced runners should meet 6-7 sessions; new runners aim to attend 3-5 sessions

7th - 12th Grade Girls
June 8th -  August 8th
Wed. - Sat.
7:30am - 9:30am

Sun. - Wed. 7:30pm - 9:00pm

CAMP CONTACT: Eric Cogdill,